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Southern Sweet Bee

Southern Sweet Bee is a family owned honeybee farm that began as a small project back in 1982 and was known as Queen Royal Honey. As our family grew so did the our honeybee farm and by 2012, Southern Sweet Bee LLC was founded. We at Southern Sweet Bee take great pride in our high quality standards and hope that you enjoy our delicious organic Southern Sweet Bee honey! We also hope that you enjoy our Southern Sweet Bee scented candles that are made using our own honeycomb and wax capping beeswax collected during our honey harvests, specially blended with virgin soy wax in order to create these high quality candles. Using the candle care instruction provided on the bottom label you should get over 40 hours of burn time for each candle. Thanks so much for supporting Southern Sweet Bee products due to it helps us continue our efforts in supporting the honeybees survival and improve our environment. Thanks again from our Southern Sweet Bee Family! Southern Sweet Bee Post Office Box 85 Hope Hull, AL 36043   (334) 312-4344

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